Be good, do good, and bring good to as many people as we can.

The way we see it, life’s too short to spend eating something you don’t feel good about, or giving into a product that you don’t quite trust. And in our one hundred-some years of taste testing, wood smoking, oven roasting, handcrafting and re-handcrafting each and every product, we’ve made it our mission to serve up something better, healthier, and more wholesome. Because, we take business personally.

We believe in providing high quality products free from fillers like gluten. We also understand that more and more consumers are gluten intolerant. Only our Country Classics Macaroni & Cheese loaf contains gluten.
With growing concerns about antibiotic resistance, superbugs, and non-judicial use of medicine, we at McKenzie Artisan Deli source from farmers who believe, as we do, in raising animals without antibiotics – ever.
All of our Natural Artisan Deli products are sourced from independent farms, and many are family owned and operated. We support our local communities and not factory farming.
All of our Natural Artisan Deli turkey, chicken, pork and beef are raised without added growth hormones or steroids, the way that nature intended. †Federal regulations prohibit the use of growth hormones in pork and poultry.
Vegetarian feed provides high protein sources that are not from animal fat or byproducts. All of our Natural Artisan Deli turkey, chicken, pork and beef are raised with 100% vegetarian diets.

Treat the process with respect.

We’re committed to being an industry leader in animal welfare. We believe strongly in humane animal treatment and sourcing, because sustainability is our responsibility.

It's in our history.
In 1885, John married his beloved Nellie an Irish farm girl. In 1898 they immigrated to rural Vermont to fulfill their dream of running their own farm. It flourished and included smokehouses for slow curing country hams. Nellie began giving hams as holiday gifts to neighboring farms. Word got out of their extraordinary quality and flavor. Soon the orders started coming and they never stopped.
Much has changed in this world, but some things are too good to change. Today, the McKenzie folks are still going to extraordinary measures to bring you the best meats made the old-fashioned way – based on John and Nellie’s farm methods for naturally hardwood smoking hams and using pure Vermont maple syrup for authentic flavor. We continue this tradition of bringing you authentic flavors with simple, wholesome food values. Attention to the little details served our family well back then, and that same integrity in our process and product continues to act as our compass today.